What is a Dermal Clinician?

A dermal clinician is a university-qualified clinician who specialises in skin health.

What qualifies a dermal clinician?

Dermal clinicians must hold a Bachelor of Health Science (AQF Level 7) at minimum to be qualified for the ‘dermal clinician’ title. This qualification means they have expertise in both assessments of skin health and the management of skin diseases.

As part of their bachelor’s degree, dermal clinicians are trained in both theories and educated in managing the skin in health and diseases. During their training, they are also required to work inter-professionally and collaborate with other skin specialists.

What does a dermal clinician treat?

A dermal clinician studies the skin including injuries and conditions such as wound biology, dermatological conditions as well as practising management strategies.

They also undertake studies in sciences that include physics, psychology, chemistry, as well as general anatomy and physiology. This is partly due to the fact that the skin is the largest organ in the body, meaning some general health factors can greatly affect the health of the skin.

Where can I find a dermal clinician?

Dermal clinicians are generally independent practitioners. This means they may work out of private practices, medical specialty areas such as hospitals or corporations, and other community health environments.

All dermal clinicians are trained under the provision of up-to-date Australian skin health education and management options. The educational training for dermal clinicians also includes many supervised hours in a clinical setting, as well as other hours spent providing therapeutic management to patients with concerns relating to skin health and the appearance of skin.

Our Dermal Clinicians at Shellharbour Skin

Whitney - Dermal Clinician

Whitney is a Dermal Clinician with 15 years of experience in the skin, health, and beauty industry. She graduated with distinction from a Bachelor of Dermal Sciences at Victoria University in Melbourne. During her career, Whitney has worked alongside specialist plastic surgeons, dermatologists and dermal clinicians in clinics across Sydney and Melbourne.

Whitney has a passion for vascular and inflammatory skin. She has undertaken advanced training with laser and skin needling to provide colour correction, skin health and optimise overall skin integrity. Alongside her interest in skin, Whitney has a thirst for knowledge and is constantly finding new ways to optimise patient results with new clinical treatments and cosmeceutical skincare prescriptions.

Whitney is with us on a Tuesday while completing her Master of Education. She also does some sessional lecturing and dermal consulting. And, when she’s not here, you’ll find her outside, slathered in sunscreen, likely listening to Lady Gaga.

Amanda - Dermal Clinician

In 2010, Amanda completed her bachelor’s degree in Health Science, specialising in Dermal Therapies, after working as a beauty therapist for many years. Since the beginning of her career, her focus has always been on clinical treatments such as laser, radio frequency, and chemical peels. She has worked in many leading Australian clinics where she performed dermal treatments, laser rejuvenation, and injectable treatments.

After three years of dermal and management experience in Melbourne, followed by an additional two years in London, Amanda returned to Australia to pursue a career in education. She worked as a clinical educator and coach for one of Australia’s most prominent cosmetic distributors, which took her worldwide, training and educating like-minded therapists, nurses, and doctors. Amanda and her family now reside on the South Coast, and she is proud to be a part of the Shellharbour Skin team.

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