Ageing is a natural process, however significant changes can occur to the body and face as a result. As we age so does our skin which loses its elasticity and collagen, causing it to sag and lose volume over time. SkinTyte is a light-based treatment that focuses on addressing loose and sagging skin to reverse ageing signs. This non-invasive treatment can target any desired area of the body and is an alternative for those considering future anti-ageing surgeries.

The SkinTyte procedure will create a youthful look for patients by heating the skin’s collagen without damaging the skin. Here at Shellharbour Skin we recommend including the SkinTyte laser in your long-term treatment plan to maintain your skin. This non-invasive light-based treatment will target common signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin to contour and smooth the face.

Benefits of SkinTyte

SkinTyte can create desired results in the improvement of sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and stomach skin laxity. The treatment is most commonly used on the face in the reduction of the nasolabial folds and to tighten loose skin around the neck and jaw. The SkinTyte is also commonly used to lift the eyebrows by targeting the forehead. The SkinTyte procedure has no downtime which means that patients can resume their regular routine immediately. The results of the SkinTyte are known to be long lasting. The treatment utilises infrared light energy to stimulate collagen production meaning that the results will continue to improve well after the treatment can be completed.

Areas the SkinTyte can treat and tighten also include the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Arms
  • Abdomen

Your consultation at Shellharbour Skin

A consultation is required before the treatment to allow our team to learn about your personal treatment goals and to assess if SkinTyte is right for you. Dr Barney Gordon will personalise the filters of the SkinTyte BBL to suit your needs and therefore this impacts the final price of the treatment. In your consultation your medical history, your treatment area, cosmetic work and current intake of medication. Reach out to our Shellharbour Skin clinic today to book your next appointment with Dr Barney.

What to expect

Prior to the treatment we recommend patients to avoid sun exposure for 2 weeks before and to maintain sun safety. Directly before the treatment we also recommend avoiding hot baths, showers and saunas as well as exercise and other skin treatments.

The BBL SkinTyte device will be applied to the treatment area and it will then pass over the skin four times. By passing over the skin, the skin will be protected from extreme heat as the device is the optimal temperature to treat skin problems. The device sends a gentle heat at the treatment area to stimulate the body’s healing process and therefore, collagen production.

By using infrared lights and personalised filters, the SkinTyte treatment heats the skin’s collagen to trigger the healing process. This then firms the skin as the more collagen that is produced, the firmer and smoother your skin becomes. The infrared energy is sent in gentle pulses to softly target the skin. The BBL SkinTyte is utilised by patients to treat skin laxity and sagging in a non-invasive way. To combat the skin laxity, the SkinTyte device uses infrared lights to cause the contraction of collagen and tighten the skin. The device uses sapphire contact cooling to maintain the temperature of the skin once the SkinTyte device is in use. By targeting the body’s natural healing process, the production of collagen will increase and create firmer tissue.

Cost of SkinTyte treatments in Illawarra

The cost of your appointment will be determined by the elements of each particular treatment. SkinTyte treatments are personalised to reflect each client and their skin type and therefore the price varies for each treatment. Factors such as how many sessions are needed, number of treatment areas and the treatment area determine the price of each treatment at Shellharbour Skin. To inquire about the price of your individual procedure, book a consultation with our Illawarra clinic today and you will receive an approximate treatment price.

Results & aftercare for SkinTyte

After the procedure, the skin will now have a stronger collagen layer. This collagen can last for around 12 months however with regular maintenance, it could last for longer. Makeup can be applied to the skin post-treatment and patients can return to their daily routine immediately after the treatment. The SkinTyte procedure is usually performed for 4-8 weeks to maintain the results of the treatment.

Each patient faces different results with results gradually increasing over a 3 month period, before the peak results are reached. We recommend avoiding the use of active ingredients to apply to the skin for 5 days post-treatment and we recommend wearing sunscreen to protect the skin.

Your results from the procedure will show a level of facial contouring, tightening and rejuvenation. SkinTyte tones and shapes the skin to create firmness in areas that are prone to sagging. The treatment can also improve the elasticity of the skin to create a youthful complexion.

Risks & complications

Like all treatments, the SkinTyte procedure has different risks and complications that can affect patients. A risk of the SkinTyte treatment is mild discomfort as the treatment utilises a heated device to target the healing process of the skin. Those with sensitive skin may develop pain post-treatment and may require a pain medication plan to relieve symptoms. Some patients find that post-treatment they have sunburn-like symptoms such as mild skin redness and swelling. If this occurs a cold compress can be applied to reduce symptoms.

If the skin was sun damaged prior to the treatment, facial swelling can occur for 3-5 days. In severe cases of sun damage, the tissue around the blood vessels is weakened and can get damaged easier. In rare cases, patients experience mild bruising and blistering as a result of this laser treatment however this can be reduced with cold compressions. Patients may find changes in pigmentation occur after the SkinTyte treatment however this will fade over time.

Ageing is a natural process, however significant changes can occur to the body and face as a result. As we age so does our skin which loses its elasticity and collagen, causing it to sag and lose volume over time. SkinTyte is a light-based treatment that focuses on addressing loose and sagging skin to reverse ageing signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have SkinTyte treatments?

SkinTyte results show up best after approximately 5 treatments with a gap of 3-4 weeks between them. Over four months the results are extremely visible with results becoming more visible from the first two treatments onwards. Each patient will have different skin needs and amounts of treatments so it is best to Dr Gordon for your personalised treatment plan.

Who should consider SkyTyte as a treatment?

Those who should consider having SkinTyte laser as a treatment should be patients looking for a procedure that tightens the skin with noticeable results. This type of laser treatment is an option for those not wanting to undergo surgery.

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