Forever Bare BBL

Whilst there are options for easy hair removal such as shaving and waxing, these are temporary fixes and cannot remove hair long term. The Forever Bare BBL delivers a low level of energy in multiple pulses toward the target area to protect the skin and heat the hair follicles. This device by Sciton, either thins hair so growth will be finer or removes hair all together.

The Forever Bare BBL is a safe, fast hair removal option. The Forever Bare BBL handpiece includes a thermoelectrically cooled sapphire plate to provide cooling to the patient’s skin throughout the treatment. This is an option for those looking to remove hair quickly, and are tired of razor burn, shaving cuts and painful waxing routines. Your skin will end up smooth, soft and hairless thanks to this FDA approved device.

Benefits of Forever Bare BBL

The device is a safe option for those looking to remove their hair, as the Forever Bare BBL sends energy in multiple bursts rather than all at once. By sending bursts of energy, the hair follicles are gradually raised to the correct temperature for hair removal. The cooling ability of the Forever Bare BBL produces consistent results and protects skin by cooling it during the treatment. We recommend 3-5 treatments to significantly reduce facial and body hair. Patients usually seek additional touch ups over time. The Forever Bare is one of the fastest hair removal treatments due to the BBL’s large treatment spot size. The Forever Bare BBL treats large areas, quickly and precisely. The BBL device uses motion BBL technology to evenly heat hair follicles, allowing for less missed areas than traditional hair removal devices. The Forever Bare BBL is a comfortable alternative to common hair removal treatments such as shaving, waxing and laser hair removal.

The Forever Bare can treat areas such as the:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Decollete
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen

Your consultation at Shellharbour Skin

All patients should arrange a consultation before their treatment to determine if they are suitable for the treatment and for our team to create a personalised treatment plan. Dr Barney Gordon will evaluate your medical history, history of cosmetic work and intake of medication to determine your suitability. Here at Shellharbour Skin Clinic, we are happy to answer any queries and concerns you may have regarding your Forever Bare BBL treatment. We take in mind your ideal results so we can create great results that meet your goal! To enquire about the Forever Bare BBL treatment, contact our team today.

What to expect

The Forever Bare BBL uses short, powerful bursts of laser energy, known as Broadband Light (BBL), to destroy hair follicles and protect the surrounding skin. Your natural hair growth cycle will be impacted by the treatment and the hair will either grow back thinner or there will be no new hair growth. The volume of hair will be permanently reduced, as the hair follicles are targeted with concentrated heat. We recommend patients to avoid antibiotics or other medications that make your skin sensitive to light prior to your treatment.

The Forever Bare BBL begins with patients putting on eye protection and then a clear gel being applied to the skin as a means to focus the heat of the light. The handpiece is then applied to the skin and the treatment begins to take action. Patients have expressed feeling a light warmth or burning sensation as their skin is absorbing the light which is a normal part of the treatment. The handpiece and clear gel also provide cooling for the skin during the treatment to reduce symptoms and protect the skin. The Forever Bare BBL treatment targets hair follicles and delivers intense pulsed light to the follicles. By targeting the follicles at the growth stage, these follicles will be eliminated, however multiple treatments are necessary to target hair that is growing at different stages. Anaesthesia is not necessary for patients undergoing this treatment as it is a non-invasive procedure however when sensitive areas are treated Dr Barney Gordon may recommend the application of anaesthesia cream. Dr Barney Gordon will adjust the treatment to suit your hair colour and density so you will receive the best results possible.

Cost of Forever Bare BBL treatments in Illawarra

When enquiring about cost it is important to understand that the amount of areas being treated, the areas of concern and the number of sessions all impact the price. At Shellharbour Skin these factors contribute to the overall cost of the Forever Bare BBL treatments as each treatment is personalised and therefore the price differs. To find out the price of your treatment, contact our team today to book a consultation.

Results & aftercare for Forever Bare BBL

The Forever Bare BBL treatment provides instant results as the hair will heat up and fall out. From between a few days to a week later you will experience what seems like hair regrowth. This regrowth is actually your remaining hair being shed from the treatment. We recommend multiple treatments to achieve the best results possible. There is no downtime for this treatment and therefore patients can return to their routines after the procedure. Patients can use makeup on the skin again.

Dr Barney Gordon will assign an aftercare plan for your post-treatment recovery. The Forever Bare BBL can leave the skin sensitive to ultraviolet light so it is recommended that you avoid strong sun exposure for approximately one month, apply sunscreen and protect skin with protective clothing for a few weeks after.

Risks & complications

Many patients experience slight redness and a burning sensation, similar to sunburn. These symptoms usually do not last long and can be treated with a cool compress. The risks of the Forever Bare BBL include swelling post-treatment however this usually clears up in a few days.

A risk of the BBL treatment is that some hair may remain post-treatment however this can be touched up with multiple treatments. Any treatment around the eye is not recommended as the eyes are sensitive to the intense pulsed light. Some patients have found the affected skin can darken temporarily before flaking off. On rare occasions patients will have blistering, crusting, scarring, burns and infection in the treatment area. Those with white/grey hair or fine hair cannot be treated and neither can pregnant women.

Whilst there are options for easy hair removal such as shaving and waxing, these are temporary fixes and cannot remove hair long term. The Forever Bare BBL delivers a low level of energy in multiple pulses toward the target area to protect the skin and heat the hair follicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hair return after Forever Bare BBL treatment?

Hair is known to grow at different rates and therefore the device targets the hair follicles in the growth stage. Once these follicles have been treated they will not return once the follicle is killed however the hair that is not currently in the active growing stage will not be affected by this. We recommend multiple sessions to ensure the target area is smooth and hairless.

Is the Forever Bare BBL painful?

The non-invasive treatment is known to be gentle and painless. Patients occasionally feel a sting or warmth whilst the treatment is occurring, however the Forever Bare BBL treatment should never be painful.

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