Face Peels

What are Face Peels?

Age and sun exposure can affect the skin and create unwanted changes. We recommend medical-grade face peels as they are an excellent option for treating skin concerns. Face peels can reduce the signs of acne, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. Here at Shellharbour Skin, we use a multitude of different face peels to achieve the best results for each patient. The face peels are medical-grade physician products that can only be used at a skin clinic with a healthcare professional. Your skin will be evaluated which will help to decide which peel will be used. Improve the tone and texture of your skin with a face peel at Shellharbour Skin Clinic.

Benefits of Face Peels

Face peels have many benefits and are a common treatment used to combat skin imperfections. Not only can they combat signs of ageing, they also exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, which can reduce the appearance of dull and blemished skin. They also can reduce oil production, therefore reducing acne and leaving you with healthy and glowing skin. A clear benefit of the face peel that each patient will have the treatment tailored to them. Each peel has different unique benefits that define what skin concerns they can be used for. Face peels are commonly used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which creates smoother, tighter skin. This also strengthens the skin, reducing the visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. Face peels are known to remove damaged skin and decongest clogged pores. Some face peels can combat hydration problems by refreshing the skin. The face and neck are most commonly treated.

The treatment can target skin concerns including:

  • Pigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Freckles, age spots and sunspots
  • Clogged pores and blackheads
  • Fine lines, wrinkles and thin skin
  • Dull, rough, dry and oily skin

Your consultation at Shellharbour Skin

Attending a consultation prior to your treatment is an important step. In your consultation at Shellharbour Skin, Dr Barney Gordon will ask about your medical history, medications and supplements as well as your history of cosmetic procedures. These aspects, as well as your ideal results, determine your personalised treatment plan. Your consultation is the perfect place to discuss any questions or concerns you have with the treatment. After an examination of your skin, Dr Gordon will assign you the correct face peel for your individual needs and skin type. Contact our Shellharbour Skin Clinic team to book your next face peel consultation.

What to expect

Before the procedure, it is important to avoid sun exposure and exercise so as to not affect the skin. To begin, your skin will be cleansed to exfoliate the skin and ensure the face peel works effectively. A medical-grade facial peel is applied to the skin and then left on for a set period of time. A neutralising agent is then applied to stop the exfoliation. The physician will then remove the facial peel and moisturise your skin. The peel begins with removing the epidermis to increase the production of healthy new skin cells. Peels can have different strengths and therefore based on which peel you have, may remove more layers of skin and cause peeling. The process takes around 30 minutes to complete and will result in glowing fresh skin. Our clinic uses several different facial peels to achieve different results. Peels use a high level of active ingredients to hydrate the skin, remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin deeply. Gentle peels work slowly to protect the skin from pain and discomfort. In your consultation, Dr Barney Gordon will explain what each individual peel can do for your skin and will decide on either a gentle or a stronger medical-grade face peel for your needs.

Cost of Face Peel treatments in Illawarra

The price of a face peel treatment is determined by different factors of the treatment. The factors include elements such as the treatment areas, the number of areas being treated and the number of sessions needed and these all affect the overall cost of the treatment. Each treatment is personalised to suit each patient and their personal treatment goals. Dr Barney Gordon will assess these elements to determine the overall price of your individual treatment. To learn more about what your face peel treatment will cost, contact our clinic today to book your consultation.

Results & aftercare for Face Peels

After face peel treatments, a patient will need to maintain an outlined aftercare plan. Patients may find that their epidermis is thickened due to the removal of damaged skin cells and stimulation of collagen and new skin cell growth. Their skin can appear healthier after a face peel. Patients may also notice a change in texture and tone of the skin which reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, oversized pores, age spots, sun spots, hyperpigmentation and dark under eyes. Results are known to last for around six months to a year but will vary depending on the treatment area and the patient’s skin type. You can combine treatments such as microdermabrasion with face peels to enhance your results.

It is important to maintain your usual skincare routine after a face peel to hydrate and protect your skin as it is healing. For mild peels you can return to your daily routine however stronger peels can create swelling, redness and dryness of the skin. Skin flaking is a good sign and means that the new skin cells are being stimulated. Avoid excessive sun exposure directly after your treatment and use sunscreen to protect your skin. Avoid products with active ingredients for five to seven days post-treatment.

Risks & complications

There are minimal risks and complications of medical-grade peels as they are performed by an experienced clinician. Stronger strength peels can cause redness, swelling, peeling and dryness at the treatment site. Redness and swelling will subside post-treatment. Our team will provide you with an aftercare treatment plan to ensure you decrease these risks and ensure that the treatment results are effective.

Age and sun exposure can affect the skin and create unwanted changes. We recommend medical-grade face peels as they are an excellent option for treating skin concerns.

Frequently asked questions

How many facial peels will I need?

Each patient will need a different number of facial peels to achieve their desired results. This will depend on the areas being treated, the patient’s skin type and the number of areas being treated. After one treatment, many patients find their skin is smooth and there is a significant decrease in visibility of their skin conditions. For more severe cases, such as treating acne scarring and deep creases, patients will require at least six sessions to improve their skin. Dr Barney Gordon will give you an estimate of how many facial peels are needed for your individual case.

How long will it take to notice my desired results?

Results can show at different times for different patients. For seven to fourteen days after the peel your treatment area will grow new healthier skin. This area may be red for a month after the treatment.

What should I avoid doing after a treatment?

It is important that patients do not pick at the skin as it is healing or drying out. Allow the skin to heal and fall off naturally. Wear sunscreen and moisturiser after the surgery. It is important to not let the skin dry out or to apply too much moisturiser. If you are feeling any discomfort it is important to use a cold compress rather than leaving the area as is.

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