BBL Forever Clear

Acne is known to cause self-esteem and confidence issues in patients who are struggling to find the right treatments. Sometimes drugs and creams are not enough to keep your acne under control and instead cause unwanted side effects. The BBL Forever Clear is a non-invasive Broadband Light (BBL) therapy that focuses on treating active acne and breakouts.

This procedure treats acne at the root to prevent further breakout. After a few short treatments, patients have noticed significant improvement due to this light-based therapy focusing on directly treating acne and redness. The BBL is the most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device that stimulates the regeneration of your cells. The BBL Forever Clear is the perfect addition to any acne treatment plan and will leave you with smooth healthy skin. This procedure directly targets acne bacteria and diminishes the inflammation acne causes.

Benefits of BBL Forever Clear

The BBL Forever Clear is a non-invasive treatment that clears the skin of any acne symptoms. This treatment uses three steps, each one for one of the three different lights used in the treatment. This treatment targets three different elements of active acne prone skin such as the acne bacteria present on the skin, the inflammation and future acne scarring. A key benefit of this treatment is the lack of downtime needed for this treatment. The BBL Forever Clear commonly treats areas such as the face, neck, back and chest however all areas of the body can be treated. A benefit of the BBL Forever Clear is that it is a non-medicinal treatment for those suffering with acne. Patients will have their acne clear up and have minimal chances of future breakouts.

Your consultation at Shellharbour Skin

Before your treatment, it is important that you have a consultation to personalise your treatment and decide on your suitability for the treatment. Dr Barney Gordon will create a treatment plan to suit your target areas, your medical history, previous cosmetic work and current medication. He will answer any questions and ease any concerns you may have regarding the treatment. Contact our Shellharbour Skin team to book your consultation today.

What to expect

Before the treatment, Dr Barney will discuss the preparation you will need to do prior such as what products he recommends you use to treat your skin. In the lead up to appointment, we recommend our patients to avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen to the treatment area. You will need to remove any products and makeup from your skin prior to the treatment. Each patient will be given goggles as eye protection. Patients usually do not require local anaesthesia, however they will feel a warm prickling sensation or “rubber band snap” during the treatment.

The BBL Forever Clear is a procedure that includes three steps which utilise three different lights, each targeting a different area of the active acne process. The first step of the Forever Clear is the blue light, which is aimed at the skin’s pores to directly kill acne bacteria.

The BBL Forever Clear sends light energy towards the sebaceous glands where the acne bacteria is. Step two is the yellow light: a calming light that sends energy towards the acne area to heal the inflammation of the skin and rejuvenate the skin. Step three is the infrared light that sends energy to the treatment area to stimulate collagen production under the dermis to reduce the ability for the area to scar. This infrared light regenerates the skin cells and therefore reduces the likelihood of scarring and pigmentation forming, as well as increased pore sizes.

Cost of BBL Forever Clear treatments in Illawarra

The BBL Forever Clear costs can vary for each patient due to the variables that determine the treatment. Each treatment at Shellharbour Skin is personalised and therefore elements such as the area of treatment, how many sessions needed and the number of areas being treated need to be customised to suit the patient. Our Illawarra clinic will provide you a personalised cost for your procedure in your consultation as these factors affect the final price.

Results & aftercare for BBL Forever Clear

Usually after one treatment, patients will notice results such having minimised pores and an even skin tone. Dr Barney Gordon recommends at least four treatments, each a week apart for the best results possible. These treatments are recommended to maintain your results and continue to minimise active acne. Each patient will need a different recommended number of treatments for their skin depending on the severity of their acne, which Dr Barney will discuss in your consultation.

The BBL Forever Clear can be combined with other treatments to improve acne, ageing signs and other skin problems. The BBL Forever Clear produces excellent results including healthy and clear skin, minimised breakouts, even skin tone and texture, decreased pigmentation and scarring, and less inflammation. Your pores will also be less noticeable post-treatment.

After the treatment you will need to continue using sunscreen and avoid sun exposure as BBL can make your skin photosensitive. Dr Barney recommends continuing a skin care routine to maximise your results and to use a gentle face wash. After the procedure some patients experience mild redness that reduces quickly after the procedure. The procedure has no downtime so patients can return to applying makeup to the treatment area and participating in physical activity.

Risks & complications

Like all treatments, the Forever Clear BBL has potential complications and risks. Patients sometimes feel sunburn symptoms such as burning, redness and warmth after the treatment. These symptoms usually last a few hours after the procedure however if they continue, we recommend applying a cool compress to the affected area. After the procedure, patients may experience skin pigment appearing, peeling and swelling. The pigment may darken for 1-3 weeks, before flaking off.

Rarely patients have an adverse reaction to the Forever Clear which can produce side effects such as:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hypopigmentation
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Blistering
  • Scabbing
  • Scarring

Dr Barney will discuss the potential complications in depth in your consultation so you can decide whether this treatment is right for you. This procedure is extremely safe and rarely has complications.

Acne is known to cause self-esteem and confidence issues in patients who are struggling to find the right treatments. Sometimes drugs and creams are not enough to keep your acne under control and instead cause unwanted side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for BBL Forever Clear?

BBL Forever Clear is suitable for active acne sufferers and those who experience breakouts.

Is this procedure uncomfortable?

This procedure is known to be a gentle and safe option for treating acne. Patients usually do not need anaesthetic for treatment areas as the BBL Forever Clear is non-invasive.

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